Can buying real estate in Surčin be a good investment?
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  • Can buying real estate in Surčin be a good investment?

Can buying real estate in Surčin be a good investment?

Can buying real estate in Surčin be a good investment?

Can buying real estate in Surčin be a good investment? 

The Serbian Parliament adopted the lex specialis - the Law on Special Procedures for the Construction of Facilities Required for the Expo Belgrade 2027 International Exhibition and the National Stadium, which excludes the application of the Law on Public Procurement.

Belgrade will host the specialized exhibition Expo 2027, which will last three months, from May 15 to August 15, 2027, and among other things, the construction of seven halls of 9,000 to 11,000 square meters, as well as several buildings, as well as promenades, has been announced in Surčin. , square...
Minister of Internal and External Trade Tomislav Momirović said that Expo 2027 will cause a real revolution in the field of real estate, because in terms of infrastructure, it will "expand" the capital and strengthen the connection between Belgrade and Nikola Tesla Airport, which will triple the number of passengers.

There are several factors that will definitely affect real estate prices in Surčin, where the construction of the National Stadium is also planned.

The National Stadium itself should attract a large number of people who will come to sports and other events. This could lead to an increase in demand for real estate near the stadium, as many will want to be close to the stadium to avoid traffic congestion. Also, the stadium could contribute to the development of tourism in Surcin, which could also affect real estate prices.

Currently, most of the demand for apartments in this part of the city comes from the local population and people who live in New Belgrade, in the part that is closely connected to Surčin. In addition, a part of the demand is made by people who have a limited budget, so accordingly they are looking for locations on the outskirts of Belgrade. These are mainly young married couples and buyers of their first apartment.

As for Surčin, the municipality has a large number of developed companies and is located near the airport, which is why a lot of other projects are planned that will attract the attention of a large number of people, such as the National Stadium, Expo 2027 and the Retail Park, which makes this municipality one of the most attractive for investments.


"The price of a square meter in Surčin is currently more favorable than in the greater part of Belgrade, even though the municipality itself has excellent infrastructural solutions and is connected to the city center. If you buy an apartment here now, it will be worth much more in the near future", advises Marko Radonjić from the City Expert agency.