Here's why everyone will want to come to Serbia - what will EXPO 2027 bring?
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  • Here's why everyone will want to come to Serbia - what will EXPO 2027 bring?

Here's why everyone will want to come to Serbia - what will EXPO 2027 bring?

Here's why everyone will want to come to Serbia - what will EXPO 2027 bring?

Here's why everyone will want to come to Serbia - what will EXPO 2027 bring?

In the dynamic year 2027, Belgrade will shine as a world center of education, culture and innovation, welcoming representatives from dozens of countries at the prestigious "Expo" exhibition.

This remarkable achievement comes after Serbia's impressive victory over strong competition such as Argentina, Minnesota, Thailand and Malaga in Spain during a fierce race that took place in Paris. This victory ensured Serbia the privilege of hosting the prestigious World Expo in 2027.

The concept-theme of Serbia for "EXPO 2027" is: "Play for humanity - sport and music for everyone".

The organization of this grandiose event brings a number of economic benefits for Serbia. The arrival of capital, investments that will multiply many times over, incentives for the hospitality and tourism sector, new jobs and increased earnings in those sectors are on the horizon.

These positive developments will naturally result in intense economic growth, pushing the national economy towards greater strength and resilience.

We must not ignore the significant increase in employment rates and the creation of numerous new jobs. This effort is closely linked to ambitious plans to build an entire new city quarter.

As expected, the "Expo" will serve as a catalyst for the infrastructural and economic development of the capital and the entire country.

Serbia justifiably deserved to be the host, as can be seen from the fact that in a little more than a month, the "Prokop" Railway Station will be officially opened, that the new main bus station in Belgrade will be completed by 2025, but also that the citizens will be ready before the end of 2028. ride the Belgrade metro for the first time.

However, investments are also being made in river traffic. Over 150 million euros will be invested in 12 new piers on the Danube.

This venture not only promises economic benefits, but also adds importance to Serbia on the geopolitical scene, opening the door to further progress. The predicted participation of over 100 different entities, including 97 countries, 7-10 international organizations and 5-10 corporate pavilions, highlights the global importance of this event.

Patrice Ballester told "BBC Serbian" that the "Expo" manifestation can also bring political benefits for Serbia.

"Diplomatically, it shows the country's ability to welcome foreign delegations and openness to the world," Ballester said.

President Aleksandar Vučić envisioned the construction of a "new city" with over 1,500 residential units and highlighted Surčin as a key place for the event.

It will cover an area of 113 hectares, located south of the national football stadium that is also planned in Surčin, between the Belgrade ring road and the highway.

The structure itself will include four pavilions and one main Serbian pavilion. In addition to the complex itself, the infrastructure is also extremely important, especially the road network that will connect this area with Nikola Tesla Airport and the city center.

On the surface of 70,000 square meters, the presence of about 100 countries is expected, which will use these facilities for their exhibition spaces, and estimates indicate that almost 2 and a half million visitors will visit us.

With a projected economic impact of around €1.1 billion, he believes this effort will inject new energy into the hospitality and catering sector, driving growth across industries.

At a time of global cooperation and the spirit of progress, Serbia stands out as the host of Expo 2027, ready to light up the world stage with its culture, innovations and vision of a brighter future.